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Residential Work Release

The GCCC Work Release Facility is a 70 bed adult work release facility, providing 50 beds for male participants, 20 beds for female participants, and classroom facilities.

The Work Release Program is a residential program that provides intensive supervision and services for adult offenders. The program participant resides at the facility and is only released to attend work, treatment/education programs, or other activities approved by the Court. The program provides an opportunity to find and maintain gainful employment and develop a financial plan, societal skills, and productive goals.  It is also an opportunity to attend treatment, secure a residence, and re-establish family relationships.  

Work Release Intake Fees and Allowable Items


  • Communication services are provided by Combined Public Communications, Inc. (CPC, Inc.)
  • Services included pre-paid telephones, Chirper-texting, and remote video visitations. Rates are determined by CPC, Inc.

Talk Time Calling Rates and Information

  • Pre-paid talk time can be purchased at the kiosk at the facility or online via CPC, Inc’s website
  • These are for local and long-distance calls only. No collect calls, 800 or 900 number calls.

Chirper information

  • Chirpers are property of CPC, Inc. and need be rented.
  • Pre-paid Chirper minutes are cash at the kiosk or funds can be added at
  • Participants are charged a flat rate per text, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Any damage or replacement costs are at the expense of the user.
  • Participant is responsible for equipment rented in your name.

Remote Video Visitation Information

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