New Full-Time Employees



Every newly hired full-time employee must complete, print, and return to Auditor/Payroll the following documents in order to assure that you receive your first paycheck timely and that your benefits start as soon as you are eligible:

☐  Form W-4 federal tax withholding, within 72 hours of hiring notice

☐  Form I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification and supporting documents, within 72 hours of hiring notice

☐  Form WH-4 Indiana state and local tax withholding, within 72 hours of hiring notice

☐  Payroll Direct Deposit Form

☐  Employee Acknowledgment Form (Personnel Policy Handbook and Plan Document and Summary Plan

☐  INPRS/PERF enrollment form

☐  Greene County Employee Insurance Election form and one or more of the following:

      ☐  SIHO enrollment form, if elected

      ☐  Principal vision insurance, if elected

      ☐  Paramount dental insurance, if elected

           AirEvac enrollment form, if elected

      ☐  Spouse Eligibility Verification form and copy of marriage license, if spouse is added to any of the above insurance options. Copies of birth certificates are required to add children.

      Internal Controls Webinar  must be viewed and Internal Controls Certification Form signed within 30 days of hire.

 You should review the following but you are not required to sign or return:

      I-9 instructions

      Notice of Working Spouse Provisions

      SIHO Plan Summary

      SIHO Balance Billing notice

      Principal Vision Insurance Enrollment Booklet

      Principal Vision Insurance Benefit Summary

      Principal Vision Insurance Managed Care Vision Flier

      Paramount Dental Product Summary Guide

      Paramount Dental Portal and Network Guide

      Plan Document and Summary Plan Description for Greene County Employee Benefit Trust

The Greene County Personnel Policies Handbook applies to all Greene County employees, except when in direct conflict with special employment conditions established by various statutes governing employment relationships. Many questions about county employment can be answered by reviewing the handbook. Each employee is responsible for the information found in the handbook.  The handbook and specific departmental appendices are found at .