Alcohol & Drug Services

Alcohol & Drug Services

Chemical Dependency is a primary disease that manifests itself in chronic, progressive, negative consequences for the offender, their family, and the community.  For personal and community safety, alcohol use is acceptable only when used responsibly, by people of legal age, and when the risk of adverse consequences is low or non-existent.  There is no tolerance for impaired driving in this community, Prescription and over the county medications are to be used only for the purposes for which they were intended, and illegal drugs are not to be used at all.

When people misuse or abuse drugs (including alcohol), proper early intervention by GCAD, can be an effective strategy and tool for countering the negative cost to this community for such behavior by offenders.

Therefore, it is the purpose of GCAD, to provide the appropriate type of substance abuse assessment, education, referral to treatment, and case management to eligible court offenders in need of such services and in lieu of criminal detention.

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