Redevelopment Commission


The Redevelopment Commission (RDC) encourages a maximum opportunity for rehabilitation or redevelopment of real estate by private enterprise. The Commission’s primary tool to promote redevelopment is Tax Increment Financing (TIF), which the Commission oversees. 


Indiana statute sets out the duties of the redevelopment commission as follows:

The redevelopment commission shall:

            (1) investigate, study, and survey areas needing redevelopment within the corporate boundaries of the unit;

            (2) investigate, study, determine, and, to the extent possible, combat the causes of areas needing redevelopment;

            (3) promote the use of land in the manner that best serves the interests of the unit and its inhabitants;

            (4) cooperate:

                        (A) with the departments and agencies of:

                                    (i) the unit; and

                                    (ii) other governmental entities; and

                        (B) with:

                                    (i) public instrumentalities; and

                                    (ii) public corporate bodies;

                        created by state law;

            in the manner that best serves the purposes of this chapter;

            (5) make findings and reports on their activities under this section, and keep those reports open to inspection by the public at the offices of the department;

            (6) select and acquire the areas needing redevelopment to be redeveloped under this chapter; and

            (7) replan and dispose of the areas needing redevelopment in the manner that best serves the social and economic interests of the unit and its inhabitants.


The Commission consists of five appointed Redevelopment Commissioners. Three are appointed by the County Commissioners, and two are appointed by the County Council. The County Commissioners also appoint a non-voting adviser from one of the school boards in the county. RDC commissioners serve a one-year term, and the non-voting adviser serves a two-year term.

Members Appointing Body
John E. Mensch, President County Commissioners
Scott Carmichael, Vice President County Commissioners
Karen Abrams, Member County Council
Chris Cornelius, Member County Commissioners
Kristi Hartzburg, Secretary County Council
Non-voting school board member (position open) Commissioners

Commission's Attorney, Marvin R. Abshire


The Redevelopment Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, on the third floor of the Greene County Courthouse, 1 East Main Street, Bloomfield, Indiana.

Redevelopment Commission meetings are now live-streamed via YouTube. You may watch live or later at your convenience by clicking here: Greene County, Indiana,Government