Regional Sewer District

The Greene County Regional Sewer District was organized in 2012.  Code of ByLaws

The District is a municipal entity comprised of a Board of Trustees entrusted with the responsibility for providing the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage within and outside the District pursuant to IC 13-26-1-1.

The Territory included in the District consists of the following portion of Greene County, Indiana:  The West half of Section 31-6-4; all of Section 36-6-5, and the East Half of Section 26-6-5, and the East Half of Section 35-6-5, all in Taylor Township, Greene County, Indiana, containing approximately 1600 acres, and including the unincorporated community of Scotland. The Sewer District does not serve the incorporated towns and cities of Greene County.

The Territory in the District also includes Parts of the Northeast Quarter and the Northwest Quarter of Section 6-5-4, in Perry Township, Martin County, Indiana and Part of Section 1-5-5 in Madison Township, Daviess County, Indiana.

The District is subject to annual audits by the Indiana State Board of Accounts. 

The District consists of five appointed Trustees. Three are appointed by the County Commissioners, and two are appointed by the County Council. Sewer District Trustees serve a one-year term from February 1 through January 31.

Trustees Appointing Body
Louis H. Massette, President County Council
Allen R. Toon, Vice President County Commissioners
Timothy J. Turpen, Secretary County Council
Scott E. Oliphant, Treasurer County Commissioners
Michael R. Turner, Trustee County Commissioners


The Greene County Regional Sewer District holds its meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. unless deemed unnecessary at which time the meeting will be cancelled. All meetings will be held in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, on the third floor of the Greene County Courthouse, 1 East Main Street, Bloomfield, Indiana.

Regional Sewer District Meetings are now live-streamed via YouTube. You may watch live or later at your convenience by clicking here:  Greene County, Indiana, Government

County Attorney Accountant
Marvin R. Abshire M. Miller & Associates Corp.
1 East Main Street Matthew J. Miller
Courthouse, Room 325 16 S. Franklin Street
Bloomfield, IN 47424 Bloomfield, IN 47424
812-384-0081 812-384-2016

For billing questions:  Call Bloomfield Clerk/Treasurer, Sondra Thompson, at 812-384-4114 ext. 1.