Program Fees are as follows:

Component Fee:  $50.00

Minimum Daily Charge:      $17.00

Maximum Daily Charge: Equal one hourly wage

Minimum $303 due at time of intake. MUST BE CASH, MONEY ORDER or CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. This is for the initial program fee, a drug screen, and two weeks fees.

Maximum intake fees will be determined based on most recent pay stub. Paystub should be brought to intake.

You will also be responsible for any additional drug screen fees ($15) while on the program.

In addition, if transferring from another county, there is a transfer fee of $50 for a felony or a $35 fee for a misdemeanor.

In order to be eligible for this program, I agree to comply with the following conditions.

1. Provide and maintain an operating telephone.
2. Provide and maintain acceptable utilities for monitoring.
3. Absolutely no weapons (firearms, bows, hunting knives, taser or destructive devices) shall be possessed on the premises during the period of Home Detention.  Premises shall include residence, outbuildings, vehicles, or any area in which the participant has access to.
4. Shall not possess or consume any alcohol or alcoholic beverage in any form or amount.  This includes mouthwash, cough medication or cold remedies which contain alcohol unless prescribed by a licensed physician.
5. Shall not possess or consume any illegal substance or medications for which you do not hold a valid prescription.
6. Shall not possess or consume any substance containing THC.
7. No exotic pets of any type are allowed in the home or in your yard during your time on home detention.  Domestic pets will be at the discretion of Greene County Community Corrections.  Any pet that shows a threat or prohibits entrance to the home will not be permitted.  The participant will be notified to remove the animal, within 72 hours, from the premises for the duration of sentence.
8. Any gate or wall that restricts access to your home shall remain unlocked at all times during your time on home detention.