All documents will need the following:

A prepared by statement and affirmation if notarized in Indiana and pertains to real estate. State and federal forms will not have this but should comply. We will record state and federal without if customer insists. IC 36-2-11-15

Any signature to a document should have the name typed or printed underneath the signature and each name appears identically throughout the document.  IC 36-2-11-16

The recorder may receive for recording a copy if the document complies with other statutory requirements and will produce a clear and unobstructed copy. All copies accepted for recording will be marked as copies. IC 36-2-11-16 (e)

Two inch margins top and bottom of first and last page or will pay penalty of $1.00 per nonconforming page. IC 36-2-11-16.5

Affidavit to transfer to real estate ------manufactured home / modular

Submit to BMV a completed form for Application to transfer to Real Estate on state form number 51408, along with you Indiana title or other proper documentation such as a certificate of origin, a title from another state, mobile home permit, bill of sale or court order etc.

Also submit to BMV an Indiana application for Certificate of title state form 44049.

Forms are available at on the plates and title page.

The process could take 4-6 weeks.

In order to record a Transfer to Real Estate you will need the following.

IC 9-17-6-15.1

  1. Affidavit signed by BMV commissioner
  2. Completed Application for affidavit
  3. Attestation form notarized
  4. Certificate of title stamped retired
  5. Legal description of property affected.
  6. Auditors stamp on document. IC 36-2-11-14 & 36-2-9-18
  7. State form will not have location for prepared by or affirmation…so best practice is to include affirmation and prepared on separate sheet for customer if possible.


Warranty, Quitclaim, Sheriff, Personal Representative, Marshal, Corporate, etc

The Grantor is the seller and the Grantee is the buyer. The deed must have the Grantees address indicated.  The deed must also have the auditor's endorsement for taxation on first before the recorder can record the deed. We also look for the legal description, date, and Notary seal information.

Fee Schedule            See Fee Schedule page on this website (IC 36-2-7-10)


The mortgagor is the person borrowing the money and the mortgagee is the bank loaning the money. We also look for the money amount, legal description, date, and Notary seal information.