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An encounter with the Criminal Justice System may be confusing and traumatic.  The Victim Advocacy Program works to help the victim through the legal system.  The advocate(s) advises the victim of upcoming court dates and the actions that are taken in a case.  This information helps to relieve much of the apprehension and concern that the victims experience.


The mission of the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office Victim Advocacy Program is to advocate for and promote the rights and interest of victims, families and communities affected by crime in all facets of the criminal court system while addressing their needs caused by the trauma of victimization.  It is through this mission statement that our program is designed and implemented with an expected result of facilitating the healing process of all victims.


The Victim Advocate  1) will attend meetings between the prosecutor and the victim and  2) will attend court dates, if requested by the victim.

We seek to help recover restitution amounts for all victims.  In addition, when it is applicable, the program helps victims complete the applications for the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute Violent Crime Compensation Fund.

The vision of this program is to utilize this mission statement in our efforts to provide outside services such as counseling, shelters, filing compensation benefits and assisting with criminal justice procedures.

Our program makes use of the outside services from Middle Way, Hamilton Center, Greene County General Hospital, Family Life Center, various Law Enforcements Agencies and other community-based services.  In using all of these services, it provides an opportunity for community growth through mutual support between victims and those offering services.  It presents an opportunity for individuals to come together to achieve the common goal of respect for others and promoting the rights of the victims, families and communities that are affected by crime.


  • Arrest
  • Charging
  • No Contact with Victim as a Condition of Bond
  • Initial Hearing
  • Pretrial Conference
  • Guilty Plea, Dismissal, or Trail by Court or Jury
  • Sentencing
  • Dismissal of No Contact upon Victim’s Request and Prosecutorial Agreement

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