Title IV-D Child Support Services

Recipients of public assistance are referred to the Child Support Division for establishment or enforcement of child support orders.  The Child Support Division is required by Federal law to open these cases and pursue them.

A person who is not on AFDC/TANF can enroll in services by filling out an enrollment form. 

Enrollment for IV-D Services:  You may download the enrollment form for services by clicking here.

Processing:  The enrollment form must be forwarded to the county in which services are being required.  If you are enrolling for enforcement of an existing court order, you should send your enrollment form directly to the Child Support Division of the county where your order was entered.

All the cases in the Child Support Division are referred to as Title IV-D cases, regardless of how they were opened.  The “IV-D” stands for the Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (U.S. Code) which gives the IV-D Office or the Child Support Division of the Prosecutor’s Office, its authority to establish and enforce child support orders.

“NIVD” or Non-Title IV-D cases are those cases that have not been referred to the Prosecutor’s Office.

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