The Body Safety Program

“Children are our nation’s greatest resources; let us all strive to protect them.”


“Protecting Through Empowerment”

The Body Safety Program is designed to address all student levels, K - 12. At all levels the program tastefully teaches the proper names of their private parts.  The reason for teaching proper terminology is to circumvent the major reason that children do not tell when they are molested; embarrassment.

For grades K-2: This program has children repeat that their body parts belong to them and, that even though they are kids, they have the right to say “NO” to a touch on the private parts of their bodies “for no good reason”.  

The program is not designed to instill fear into the children, but to empower them.  We do not want children worrying about whom to watch out for, but to have control over their own bodies no matter who the person is.

The Body Safety Program has successfully been presented to Eastern Greene, Linton, WRV, and Bloomfield Schools.  Eastern Greene was our pilot school in January, 2008.  The results of the Body Safety Program have been overwhelming and very well accepted by students of all ages.

Over 600,000 people have viewed this program since 1983 and it is now booking several months in advance.  Several school systems have requested the program since it was implemented and have remarked that they have discovered many children have needed help.

TEACHERS AND PARENT PRESENTATION:  Learn how the program is presented to the students.  Also to include a presentation on "myths of molestation" and indicators the child reveals while being victimized.  Please mark your calendars for the teachers/parent presentation the evening BEFORE the presentation to the students. 

Contact Julie Criger, Investigator, Greene County Prosecutor’s Office if you wish to have further information regarding The Body Safety Program.  (812-384-4998 or

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