Check Deception

Indiana Code, Section 35-43-5-5

A person who knowingly or intentionally issues or delivers a check, draft, or order on a credit institution for the payment of or to acquire money or other property, knowing that it will not be paid or honored by the credit institution upon presentment in the usual course of business, commits check deception, a class A misdemeanor.

In 2010, after fifteen years of administering a check deception program within the Prosecutor’s Office we were forced to end the program due to insufficient funding.  However, I recognize that those of you who accept checks during the course of your business or personal transactions still value the service that we provided over the years.  Even though we can no longer provide this service directly through our office, I believe it is important to continue to provide assistance to the merchants and citizens of Greene County in collecting the money owed to them from bad checks.

Therefore, I  partnered with a private company, BounceBack, who specializes in administering bad check programs for prosecutors all across the country.  We  have  worked together to tailor their program to fit the needs of our county.  Please click on the link below ( for further information and registration.  Bad checks will continue to be accepted in the Prosecutor’s Office if you are unable to register.  The checks will be forwarded to BounceBack for processing.


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